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Website Development

We offer a full range of website development services including:

Customization is our focal point to give you exactly what you need!

From hosting and domain names to the content of your site, we will be there every step of the way to advise and explain the process. After assessing what your goals and ideas are, we will make suggestions and discuss possibilities to make sure your visitors get the most out of their experience.

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Need to sell products or services? Nexus has you covered! Whether you manufacturer a handful of products or retail tens of thousands, our team can set up user friendly features and help you reach your target demographic. A handy admin interface allows you to manage how your merchandise is displayed, and login capability for vendors or partners to access data relevant to their tasks is also possible.


We offer prototyping services using open source logic controllers such as Arduino and Raspberry Pi. Acquiring data from sensors, logging to databases, and displaying via web interfaces are all things we can help you with.

CRM / ERP Solutions

Need a better solution for managing your customer, vendor, sales, and inventory data? We can create a customized CRM (Custom Relations Management) System that will ease your access to this information.

A web-accessible platform means that you can access your CRM from anywhere and from almost any device. There are no worries about keeping software up to date or installing it on new devices. Feature rollouts, performance upgrades, backups, and security are all handled seamlessly, so you can simply focus on your mission statement!

Take a look at our Data Demo to learn more.

Data Demo


How secure is your webapp? How about your servers? We offer penetration testing, vulnerability patching and documentation for websites, webapps, and servers. Whether you need to be PCI compliant or simply want to avoid potential issues, we can help reduce risks and avoid costly downtime.

We help your business operate more effectively through process improvement and marketing.

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